Begin Your Fashion Design Career at BlueCrest College, Freetown
Begin Your Fashion Design Career at BlueCrest College, Freetown

Begin Your Fashion Design Career at BlueCrest College, Freetown

Are you passionate about fashion design and ready to turn your creativity into a successful career? Begin Your Fashion Design Career at BlueCrest College in Freetown, Sierra Leone, where we offer comprehensive diploma and certificate programs in Fashion Design & Garment Construction.

Honours Diploma in Fashion Design & Garment Construction

Duration: 12 Months

Our Honours Diploma program is tailored for individuals with a creative spark who aspire to elevate their skills to a professional level. Through a curriculum focused on research, innovation, and hands-on learning, students delve into high-fashion techniques, fashion rendering, business management, merchandising, and marketing skills. With advanced textile technology and surface design techniques, students gain expertise in craft documentation, graphics, photoshoots, digital fashion, pattern making, visual merchandising, styling, computer-applied design, manufacturing technology, quality control, and more. Our holistic approach fosters creativity, innovation, and professionalism, preparing graduates for success in the fashion industry.

Objectives Include:

  • Understanding color theory principles
  • Developing analytical approaches to garment construction
  • Mastering flat pattern making and draping
  • Gaining fashion brand management and marketing skills
  • Proficiency in fashion exhibitions, boutique management, and event handling
  • Acquiring computer knowledge, merchandising, and marketing skills

Advanced Certificate in Fashion Design & Garment Construction

Duration: 6 Months

Designed for keen aspirants, our Advanced Certificate program provides focused training in Fashion Design & Garment Construction. Students gain expertise in basic sewing and tailoring skills, pattern making, garment construction, fabric science, textiles, fashion illustration, surface design techniques, elements of design, English communication, and entrepreneurship.

Certificate in Graphic Design & Multimedia

Duration: 3 Months

BlueCrest Graphic Design & Multimedia Certificate program equips students with essential skills in visual communication and problem-solving techniques. With practical-based study programs and hands-on training in creative software such as Photoshop, CorelDRAW, and Animate, students develop a strong foundation in graphic design. Through a curriculum focusing on typography, iconography, illustration, and multimedia applications, graduates stand out in the dynamic design industry.

Certificate in Graphic Design & Multimedia

Objectives Include:

  • Creating effective print and digital communications
  • Developing multimedia applications
  • Applying elements and principles of visual design
  • Demonstrating critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Communicating clearly in visual, verbal, and written forms
  • Collaborating effectively as a team member
  • Understanding the ethical, environmental, legal, and social effects of design

At BlueCrest College, we empower students to unleash their creativity, develop their skills, and pursue rewarding careers in the ever-evolving fields of fashion design and graphic design. Begin your fashion design career at BlueCrest College, freetown and embark on a journey towards a vibrant and successful future in the world of design.

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